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2. Accessing an Upload

Upload page

A MicroBin upload's link will look something like this:

A /upload/ link will take you to the upload, or if it is a private or secret share, then it will first take you to the authorization page where you need to enter your password.

On the upload's page, you will see the text contents (e.g. your code snippet, note, etc.), download button to your file attachment, and if your attachment is an image or video file, then those files will be visible on this page.

There will also be a row of buttons at the top:

  • QR will show the QR code that is simply the link to this upload,
  • Edit will let you modify the text contents of this upload,
  • Remove will let you remove the upload,

and on the right side you will see;

  • ID (e.g. bear-mouse-turkey) that you can simply read out to someone or memorise, so you don't need to read the QR code or share a link
  • Copy URL to quickly copy the URL to your upload.

Based on your server's configuration and the upload's privacy settings, some of these options may not be available.

Raw text

A link like this:

will simply serve the text contents of the upload, with no HTML at all. So you can use this to serve JSON, large texts or anything text-based.

File serving

A link like this:

will open or download the file attachment of the given upload.