The tiny, self-contained, configurable paste bin.

What does MicroBin do?

MicroBin is a super tiny, feature rich, configurable, self-contained and self-hosted paste bin web application. Imagine cloud storage, but simpler, and with cool features like URL redirection, automatic file expiry and raw file serving support. Have a look at the Screenshots or deploy your own MicroBin!

How do I use it?

You can host MicroBin yourself. The setup process is very simple, head over to the Quickstart guide page for and instructions! You will find further help about customisation and features on the Documentation page.

How do I contribute?

MicroBin is free, open-source software (FOSS). You may help out with the development at our GitHub Repository or donate to the project. We are also accepting sponsors now. Have a look at the Roadmap and reach out to us at info@microbin.eu if you have any questions.

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Reach out at sponsor@microbin.eu

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