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MicroBin v1.2 Released

· One min read
Dániel Szabó

MicroBin v1.2.0 is available

Main Changes

  • Improved main screen layout
  • Added pasta deletion by read count
  • Added support for reverse proxies (public path argument)
  • Better file attachment button with drag and drop support over entire form
  • Custom CSS styling support
  • Added display of last read time and read count
  • Copy Text and Copy URL buttons
  • Option to use Hash IDs instead of animal names
  • QR code generation support
  • Added Info page
  • Removed Help page
  • Moved documentation to website from README
  • Added FOSS Community attribution in footer

Full Changelog:

Try MicroBin v1.2.0

Install MicroBin from Cargo:

cargo install microbin

Or download from the GitHub release page.

And run with your custom configuration:

microbin --port 8080 --public-path --highlightsyntax --editable

Or get the Docker image from Dockerhub: danielszabo99/microbin.


Thank you to @frdmn, @stavros-k, @hay-kot, @HeapUnderfl0w, @henry40408 who all contributed to v1.2.0.

Also thank you to @luxus for being the very first donator of the project!