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File sharing made easy

What is MicroBin?

MicroBin is a feature rich, performant and secure text and file sharing web application, a "paste bin". Imagine cloud storage, but simpler, and with cool features like URL redirection, automatic file expiry , raw file serving support and 3 possible levels of encryption. Have a look at the Screenshots or deploy your own MicroBin!

How do I use it?

You can host MicroBin yourself. The setup process is very simple, head over to the Quickstart guide page for and instructions! You will find further help about customisation and features on the Documentation page.
Already have Docker? Simply run:
bash <(curl -s

MicroBin for Business Waitlist

As more and more organisations adopt MicroBin as a file-sharing solution, we are working on launching a hosted and managed version of MicroBin with features aimed at such users. Join the waitlist here.

Become a MicroBin sponsor, support a FOSS project and promote your product or organisation here.
Reach out at

Are you an organisation using MicroBin?

We are working on MicroBin for Businesses. Sign up to the Waitlist now.

Upgrade Your Communications

Extend your current communications systems with the enhanced file-sharing mechanism of MicroBin. File protection, expiration, editing, unsending, re-sharing are now possible.


You alone can access your uploads if you choose to encrypt them. No one else inside or outside your organisation can decrypt them without your password.

Cross-Device Sharing

With easy to share links and single-click QR codes, it takes seconds seconds to share any text or file from any device to any other device. No accounts or apps needed.