MicroBin v1.2.0 is available #

8 November 2022

Main Changes #

Full Changelog: https://github.com/szabodanika/microbin/compare/v1.1.1...v1.2.0

Try MicroBin v1.2.0 #

Install MicroBin from Cargo:

cargo install microbin

Or download from the GitHub release page.

And run with your custom configuration:

microbin --port 8080 --public-path https://myserver.net --highlightsyntax --editable

Or get the Docker image from Dockerhub: danielszabo99/microbin.

Contributors: #

Thank you to @frdmn, @stavros-k, @hay-kot, @HeapUnderfl0w, @henry40408 who all contributed to v1.2.0.

Also thank you to @luxus for being the very first donator of the project!

Discuss #

Platforms to discuss the release are on our Community page.

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